To put MGP ups in my webpage or not to put?

Published 18-02-2015

There am the dilemma there. And it is that often when we visited different pages by Internet, assault a swarm to us of small windows that we must be closing so that they let to us read the content of a page well but, you knew how of important are?

At the time of designing a webpage in Barcelona, we worried about all the details: that if the color, that if the sections or are organized, that if the content is good, a good quality of the images, that has a programmed SEO or but€¦ and the MGP ups? we have to use them or no? they are a good strategy of publicity or bring about the rejection of the visitor?

The use of the MGP ups always goes to go in related based on the objective and the content of your webpage and unless you have a warning very important that to realise or have a virtual store, these is not already very necessary in the design of a webpage. Now they are only dedicated to advertising aims as in this example. And it is that, traditionally the MGP ups always are bad views but you have a virtual store we recommended to you to have one.

According to different studies, the virtual stores with MGP ups are more successful than those than do not have MGP ups, that simple. Concretely, it has been gotten to verify that these captured the post office 1,375% more than an image or an announcement in the right part of a Web. And many ways exist to choose a MGP-up for your webpage, from those programmed that appear once in a while showing a certain message that interferes with and draws attention of the visitor to whom they only appear in concrete pages and not in the main page.

A tendency in MGP ups in the design of pages Webs in Barcelona, is the MGP out. To what we talked about? They are a version of the MGP up normal that they appear of a side of the page but that they allow that the visitor continues sailing in the site without interfering in this navigation. That yes, as everything to abuse is bad.  No longer only because they can bring about the satiety of the visitor, but also that who are announcements MGP up, mainly those that contain scripts, that can cause that your virtual store or your webpage is slower. Now yes, that you decide if you choose to include a MGP up or no.

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