10 tricks to obtain viralidad in the social networks

Published 27-02-2015

To have in business is to have social networks, yes or yes. These new communication and information channels have arrived to remain nevertheless, not only it is to update them every day and to carry out a more or less acceptable work. Obtaining viralidad in its content must be a priority and are some tricks here.

When the social networks of a store are updated, a business or a company is tried that this update has the greater possible reach and than arrives at a greater number of people. It must be contained attractive, and that not only speaks on the services or products of the company, if a sufficiently tempting content so that, even, the followers of those pages share it and does not return it viral and therefore it is possible to be arrived at more people and to be gained more followers in this way. Here 10 tricks to obtain viralidad in the social networks.

1. Something informed. It tries to tell to first fruits or the news very very novel of your sector, that draw attention and before the competition. You will draw attention and to secure a greater impact and reaches.

2. Attractive videos. He is one of the tricks to secure to viralidad in the social networks more cash. When your statistics begin to lower, it better promotes an attractive and peculiar video that draws attention and if your company is done by you or, still.

3. Attractive product. The quality of a good photography and a novel and attractive product usually is a combination of success so that people share in her social networks your update.

4. Emotions. To people it likes to read and to listen to beautiful and even funny phrases. They are photographies or videos that draw attention and are more inclined to become viral in the social networks.

5. Humor. Humor is essential in the social networks, until in those businesses where seriousness is most prevailing. From time to time, it shares updates of humor that they have to do with your activity, will always be a colleague who shares it and helps his viralidad.

6. I know shared in common. Why not to support as much local initiatives or as more generals with a shared in common background? Help to a certain cause, to an event in particular€¦ people is shared in common and this he is one of the 10 tricks to obtain viralidad in the social networks that never fails.

7. Llama to the activity. As simple as to ask your followers whom I give him to Likes and, mainly, they share in its social networks your update. Most staunch they will make case and the content will jump to another social network multiplying the reach.

8. Tricks and advice. They are the typical peculiar news that they always work, you are of the sector that you are. If you manage to give with a trick or a truly original advice, the viralidad is assured.

9. Iconographies. The iconographies of own production are fashionable, and if Internet is not full of them, that yes always publicizes its source. The iconographies are tremendously viral in social networks by their originality and explanatory simplicity.

10. The lists. He is everything classic and a one of those 10 social tricks to be able viralidad in lasredes that never it fails, to share lists on your sector and your field of action that draws attention of your followers. You do not forget, this never fails.

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