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Published 02-03-2015

The marketing of contents is the art to prepare contents valuable and to distribute them free with the double idea to attract new possible clients (prospectuses) and/or fidelizar to your present clients and to try to make them buy new services/products.


To anybody doubt fits to him that the Marketing of Contents has passed the barrier of hype and it has become an obligation in all strategy of digital marketing that boasts. Nevertheless, the great majority of brands still is home it to raise now and every day that passes the opportunities they are reduced.

The Marketing of Contents brings a blowing of fresh air to the industry of the marketing, that seemed that it did not have another subject of conversation that display, the CPCs, the CPMs, the RTBs and company.

What is not Marketing of Contents?

  • To make a blog immediately
  • To publish contents without objectives
  • Not to contribute value to our users
  • The publicity online
  • Not to have a strategy of contents defined

Shelp this, Marketing of Contents, We go to it

In order to elaborate a good strategy of marketing of contents you must consider the type of hearing that you have, to think about you as a reader and to know clearly what is what the visitor looks for and the solution that you can give him. Because in the good marketing of contents, you do not sell, DAS solutions to potential clients and who will trust which you tell them€¦ And cre©me in the end, the visit is fideliza behind schedule and that early, will think about you and in your services. Interesting€¦ No? We continue: 

The Good Marketing of contents will have to respect the following premises:

  1. that the consumers go first, who our brand is a mere spectator
  2. that the quality always before the amount
  3. that everything what is created must be useful for the consumer
  4. that the format will be the one that consumes our users

So or you know, with this or you have by where to begin to define your strategy of marketing of contents€¦ That or you can also call to us, and we were in charge, as you prefer (Wink), so far you have this connection that takes you to the blog, where you will find more articles as this. And do you, realise marketing of contents? Esperas or Proogresas?

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