What penalizes Google in the positioning of your virtual store

Published 03-03-2015

We have it everything so that our virtual store prevails: a good design, a chosen domain, some texts conscientiously optimized to SEO, some products of quality€¦ but, our positioning in Google, the mother of all the finders, is ominous. What is happening? We recommended to you to look at with magnifying glass these details.

If your virtual store is not positioned in Google as it had something is failing, that is clearly. A campaign of Google Adwords will also help you excessively, the incursion of your business in the social networks more used or a blog SEO incorporated to the page. But that is not another one, you can be committing errors that, by excess or defect, can be in favor decreasing the positioning of your virtual store. Taking notices!

1. Abuse of keywords. At the time of designing your webpage, this one does not have to be a minefield of key words. You do not have to abuse and to think that how many you put more far better. It analyzes those that better can position to your business and of differentiating them from the competition in Google. The abuse, in addition, is penalized.

2. Broken connections. Really work to you all the do connections of your different sections, pages and photos? Verify it because perhaps you have not realized. And if it is thus, sight that are connections between different pages since with this we will obtain that Google reachs the rest of products without needing returning to the first levels of the Web, improving the SEO of our electronic commerce. The all this very many help to your positioning.

3. Fotoetiquetas. It is not that you Google penalizes it, but is truth that does not serve to you don't mention it if the photos of your webpage are not correctly raised with corresponding his fotoetiquetas. In the positioning of your virtual store all detail counts at the time of scaling positions.

4. Duplicated content. Brighten to you in worrying to you to have content of quality in your webpage, and are that the duplicated content although is of services or similar products penalize on the part of Google.

5. Technical questions. There is infinity of technical questions where a professional must help you expensive to eliminate the possible penalties that Google is carrying out in the positioning of your virtual store: serious errors HTML, links in the Footer that are not related to your Web, your Web can have text hidden in the code that is only visible for the robots search, URLS deceptive that does not represent the real content of the page€¦

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