Stores online: that to never sell

Published 12-03-2015

The stores online are, doubtlessly, fashionable and many have seen in them the panacea of the success in marketing online but, it is possible to be sold of everything in a store online? The answer is yes but another thing is that you are successful or no, as for example€¦


According to a recent study, Spain presents one of the percentage more elevated in the creation of stores on line in the last years, as much that 85,000 virtual stores base their total number in some where to buy practically everything almost. And there am the question there, work do all? to mount a virtual store it can be the same or more successful than a normal physical store? To create a store online to size can bring great advantages, nevertheless there are products and/or services that to never sell in a store online. It is verified, the thing does not work.

1. Real estate products

If you try to do to you rich selling houses and floors by Internet, it vetoes thinking about dedicating your efforts to another thing. The real estate products are of a price so lifted that, with complete certainty, you cannot sell nor a floor. In addition a series of proceedings exists that to realise and everything it is not possible to be done by Internet

2. Meat

A so perishable and fragile product on a par as is the meat is another product that to never sell in a store online. You do not contract creating a store online to sell meat to only a click, the tastes of the consumer do not go that way.

3. Treats

You will not see either increase your benefits if you decide to choose to sell treats in your store online. One is products with so small margin of benefit that or you sell wholesale or there will be no results.

4. Journalistic articles

You imagine to have a company of communication or a company anyone and to visit a store online of sale of these services? No, truth? The thing is in which, practically, they do not exist. There are apt professions little to mount a store online of your products or services.

5. Cars

To anybody it would be happened to him to buy a car by Internet. Like the real estate products, are so expensive sales that nobody would add to its cart a new vehicle. In the stores online, always there is a limit.

But there are many more sectors little given to being bought in the virtual stores. For example, authentic businesses exist that work selling stationery store products but to anybody it was happened to him to create a store online on markers, for example. Also stores exist that sell tires but, you create in fact that there is sufficient market for others? Some questions you must consider them before creating your store online. I know precavid@.

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