Tendencies in the design of logos in 2015

Published 17-03-2015

The design of logos also succumbs to the opinions of the fashion and companies, great and small, decide to renew it of as much in as much giving a present image. Few companies decide to never touch their logo and is that for 2015, these are the tendencies in the logo design that takes more.

Sometimes, we have a shining idea, good products and a design Web that has been us professional and beautiful but lack a very important aspect, the design of the logo that identifies our brand. How to decide us by a logo in particular? We already spoke to you of the most frequent errors in the design of logos, but at the time of pouring off you by one of them the best thing it is to trust professionals and to consider the tendencies in the design of logos 2015. They are these:

1. Simplicity. The simplicity at the time of creating a logo in 2015 is one of the tendencies more in fashion. A clear, concise, elegant design looks for and without artifices. The shortage in this case is the virtue.

2. Several logos of several colors. Another one of the tendencies in the design of logos in 2015 is to have the same logo in different colors or on a tonality, to make different versions. Soon they are possible to be applying indifferently in the different pages and documents.

3. The typology: the yours own one. What one takes more are the customized typographies, so you do not use those of all the life. One takes to innovate and to make of your typography a unique design.

4. Use of small letters. One of the tendencies in the design of logos in 2015 is the use of the small letters. Elegant, discreet but, on a par, forceful and with personality.

5. One or two colors. Why to mix thousand colors in a same logo? For 2015, the logos take that, at the most, mix two different tonalities. Without artifices, nor eccentricities.

6. Vintage. Another tendency is the vintage logo designs. You do a review by the books of design that pick up these samples of years 60 and 70 and that serves to you as inspiration.

7. Sophistication. We have advanced it before, they do not take to anything the design of recharged logos in 2015 and complex ones. It is necessary to put the clear things to him to the public. The tendency in a simple and conceptual design is the key.

8. Creativity in abundance. Simple but original design in forms, mainly in forms and disposition in the letters. Beam that your client remains with the drawing of your logo, that will be a success.

9. Technical degraded superposition with. The superposition of different elements continuous fashionable and in 2015 adds the integration to him of degraded in the use of the color.

10. Since there are by hand. A clear tendency in the logo design for 2015 is the use of the technique of the typography €œhandwriting€ or €œdone by hand€. Natural, beautiful and elegant logos.

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