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Published 23-03-2015

Google worried about the speed and the accessibility about the webpages, informed through an official notice published in its official blog, that will modify pro³ximo 21 of April, the algorithm that establishes the order in that the websites in their finder are shown, giving now priority in the results search to webpages which they are optimized for its correct visualization in movable devices as smartphones and tablets.

Versions Movable Web

The new changes in the algorithm of Google will affect the positioning and the traffic of visits in the websites of million companies worldwide. The announced thing by the finder will be reflected immediately in the searches for mobiles, but without a doubt it will have an important effect for the searches from PC.

And Now What You must Do?

First to avoid the evils majors it advanced to you more first that you would have to do is to accede to the following connection:

There you will be able to verify if your Web is prepared for the update of Google the 21 of April. If everything goes well, the tool will tell you that you are preparation with a green OK in the title€¦ If it leaves to you in red that you must improve some facets, ponte in touch with us.

Because a Movable Version?

Most of the traffic in the network is being realised through movable platforms. Smartphones, tablets, PS Vita€¦ And with the purpose of improving the quality of the results search for these devices, this update will be realised. 

But it improves the quality of the searches, not only is verified that those users of Webs adapted to mobiles remain more time, interact better and participate in a way more effective than if that same Web were not in way €œresponsive€.

Concentrate to you In Improving

The reality is this, it takes the bull by the horns and thus prepares to you so it comes and you will be able to avoid €œscares more ahead to you€. You would have to have unaweb that is responsive, not only by the update of the algorithm, to also improve navigation by your Web to your users and in the end, to sell more. 

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