Thus It affects To Our Work the Update De Google

Published 30-03-2015

Motivated this article when commenting in our office of Terrassa with the development equipment on €œHow the next update of Google can affect its work the 21 of April€

By Parts: €œEvent€ Google Next the 21 Of April

Google will update the algorithm what defines what time you, whenever you realise a search in its portal. One is an update greater than the same finder has done public to all the webmasters and that it tries to apply from day 21 of April. In our titled article €œYour Web Must Be Responsive For the 21 Of April€ you can extend your documentation.

As It affects To Our Work?

Our policy of development Web and apps is oriented to carry out a work that from the home is responsive or the most adapted possible that it allows the budget us of the client. This does not mean that because that your project has more or less budget we will leave of side this fact. That a Web must be adapted to mobiles. 

Well, then€¦ You that either you are our client and you follow our blog, surely or have been warned of the next change and or will be preparation. But you are not it, we can adapt to your present project and do it responsive. It contacts with us in the following connection: €œContact with NonStop-Press€

Our Day To Day

It is to study, to plan, to design and to program a project. But estuvieramos preparations for each update that arrives from before home a project Web or project of app, we would not be in the situation in which we are and would not have so good references of our work. So€¦ For us this update, is only one more update. More of many than already they passed and those that are about to arrive. 

And you? Esperas or Proogresas?

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