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Published 10-04-2015

The sector of the movable applications is in constant height but this does not mean that all the Apps that are designed and been available in different stores are successful. What things mark the success of a App? what advice we must consider? we told some you of most important.

It is a sector of great growth. The design of apps for mobiles and tablets follows in crescendo and esteem that this tendency continues in the short and long term. Nevertheless to design one app is not the panacea of the success, in fact there are things that to consider in the design of one app and in spite of that many fall in the ostracism. Or what is the same, in a low number of unloadings confirming therefore the little triumph of the same. Qu©consejos we have to consider for the success of a movable App?

1. Facility in its use. You do not complicate too much to him navigation by your app to the user. In the design of apps for mobiles, these must be intuitive, easy, simple and, in addition, that the end user only needs a few clicks to sail by her.

2. Attractive design. One of the movable tendencies in apps is the showy minimalism and colors. The design must be fundamental so that it enters to him by the eyes the user. Fix you to apps that you like more€¦

3. Free. By all means (almost) nobody wants to pay to unload a movable App and if you feel pushed it, that the cost is smaller.

4. Taken care of with the updates. The improvement and the updates in the movable design of one app always are essential but you must have well-taken care of. Sometimes, these updates take to worse to our App and people can think very badly on this€¦

5. Social networks. Ten in account that the social Apps and networks go closely united, therefore some of the advice to have a App of success are that this one can be shared in the social networks.

6. When to send it. It is necessary to consider the algorithms as for example the one of Apple, that favors the launching Thursday in the evening. This help to generate a greater volume of organic unloadings.

7. Its use monitors. Another one of the advice to have a App of success is to make the pursuit of its own statistics. It picks up data of number of users, number of sessions by user and duration, time permanence in the application, number of profiles by each user, etc€¦

8. Initial tests. It takes advantage of the technologies that facilitate the home of your system as it is Cloud Computing for the reduction of costs of your development and to facilitate the tests.

9. It trusts professionals. In the world of the Apps movable there is much fan who promising a App to you by a very low price, in the end ends up weakening your project. It trusts professionals as HERE we presented to you.

10. Mobility of the user. Another one of the advice to have a App of success is to think about the mobility of the user: the access to Internet, the GPS positioning, the camera, the control of movement, etc.

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