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Published 13-04-2015

In NonStop-Press, we have espacializado in the programming of projects cross-platform or what is the same€¦ If you want a Web, we do it. It is a store online, a blog or something corporative€¦ We do it. 

But this is not everything. No. When we talked about to system multiplatoforma, not only we talked about to make a Web that is optimal to other more movable formats€¦

Also this term in €œApps€ or €œmovable Applications€ exists.

Apps Cross-platform?

Yes€¦ They exist Apps that only is in the market of Android, other that only are in the €œAppStore€ of iOS€¦ Other that only works in Windows€¦ And thus I can continue a good short while. 

Many of our clients (by a budget subject) always ask to go step by step€¦ €œFirst here and soon there€ without knowledge that the code that is created for one app in Android is not the same that stops a App in iOS. 

This in the end final change€¦ It is more expensive for the client. 


You know what you want and you look for the best quality-price (than without doubts and by articles as this we in NonStop-Press can give you: It contacts with us) so you must consider this fact: You do not initiate a project in a platform and soon by things of life, you wish to extend it. It leaves more expensive than if you tell us that you would like to be there also€¦ In that other operating system. 

The explanation by our part is the following one: We are not machines that program own code. In essence each operating system is different and we adapted this programming to which the client asks to us. If we must take more so that we can take advantage of the source code a platform for another one€¦ We will say it to you and it will go to you better. Surely.

For that reason they ten patience, you would have search that your project hands over best and than it grows already healthy and strong from the home.

You have a project in which you need developer Apps? Nor you doubt it. The USA our form of contact and tells your needs us. We also recommended to you that you visit our portfolio of works. You accede here to him (link).  

It remembers that we are present always in Terrassa€¦ Our headquarters in the Vall¨s.

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