Community 99. A project to unite us to all

Published 14-04-2015

I have always thought that the life was made to live emotions, since those are the emotions that make us feel alive. We send today, day 14 of April of the 2015 to the 07:25, a project that we hoped that it makes move and to feel lives to much people.

Community 99 is a project that has been born with the intention to help different types from vulnerable groups. Sometimes the society gives to the back to disabled people and ill children him. This project gives the face them! It remembers to them that there is people prepared there to help and to make use when is necessary.

He is without a doubt one of the projects to which we like more to them, and, that took me in a quite difficult stage, it partly helped to say me to me €œEspabila! That you are working in something very great€.

We invited to you to enter and to comprise of the Community: it reads, it comments, it shares, you do likes, tweets and +1. It enjoys to the maximum€¦

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