10 forms to communicate with a company by the webpage

Published 23-04-2015

At the time of designing your webpage, you must always think about the user.  And in aspects as the functionality of the page, a easy navigation, a clear and attractive design€¦ but in the way of which the user can communicate with you. There are 10 forms here to communicate with a company through the webpage that there is to consider.

Whatever more options far better have the user who visits your webpage to communicate with you. For that reason, when you are decided to design a corporative webpage, you must facilitate to this one the maximum communication channels to him possible to communicate with you and/or your company so that it can request information of a product or a service, determined. These are 10 forms to communicate with a company through the webpage.

1. Form of contact. It is the most traditional form in touch to put between the emitter of the information and the receiver of the same. Small text boxes that to fill up and to send to the company webpage. It is never necessary to forget to facilitate to the user putting to him an email and/or a telephone of contact.

2. Email and telephone. They are two classic data that when designing a corporative webpage never must lack, to indicate the email and telephone of the company so that the potential client can put himself in touch with her.

3. Outlook. And this is the third form of communication with a company through lap¡gina Web. To indicate the email address and that the user when puncturing envelope he, directly opens the option to him of Outlook of his mail.

4. We called to you. She is one of the options fashionable lately. There are companies that invite the user to leave their phone number and will be the same company that is put in touch with her.

5. Blog. To have open the corporative blogs is another way to invite to the potential clients in communicating with the company. It is a form of communication with a company through the effective and fast webpage, since these notifications usually arrive to him ipso facto at the person in charge to answer them.

6. Social networks. All company must have social networks, at the moment even more whereas some pages corporative Webs. In touch, you do not forget to put the directions and connections to the social networks of the company.

7. Direct chat. Another option appellant in the communication with a company through the webpage is the one of the chats in direct. Windows in the margin inferior of the page where to speak in direct with a person of the company that is placed to the other side.

8. Whatsapp and Telegram. Why not to send a message to him by the applications of instantaneous mail?  There are companies that when designing a corporative Web also put at the disposal of the client a number of Whatsapp or Telegram where to send messages to the moment.

9. Skype. There are companies that use Skype as communication channel. It is enough with initiating session, adding the name of the company and to speak with the corresponding person. A direct, fast and very useful chat thanks to the options to share documents and information that in line it offers Skype.

10. Chat. Appellant is an option little and that little has pierced between the companies, although to have them haylas that uses chats public in their pages Webs so that the users think and request information of the company.

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