By This the Computer graphics Work

Published 28-04-2015

This is an affirmation very appellant: The articles with images or videos have a greater impact. In addition to being because the information can be processed of a faster way, other reasons exist by which we would have to take care of more than these elements are present.

Among them, aspects because the brain processes the much more fast visual reconnaissance that the written one or that this type of contents more are shared in social networks.

The computer graphics, help us to understand complexes processes or great amount of data in a simple look. It causes that the most complex message becomes a simple scheme that allows a fast understanding us.

What is computer graphics?

An image is worth more than 1000 words, the following thing is computer graphics exceeds €œHow the searches in Google work€. 


Well€¦ But€¦ Because computer graphics work? 

Better I explain it to you with another computer graphics (jajaja) (Credit of computer graphics a: "") 

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