What color to choose for my Web?

Published 30-04-2015

We have been decided to the creation of a corporative webpage of our company. We know clearly the idea, the product, the design, the disposition of the pages and sections, their navigability but, and the color? A a priori banal aspect, but that has more importance of the one than you create.

At the time of home a project Web, we must know clearly many aspects before giving the approval of the same. To have a page webque correctly responds to our needs and that it is a good letter of presentation of our company and our activity is essential: content, design, logo, interactivity and even the color. What color to choose for my Web? It is the question that becomes many companies and individuals at the time of having their own page. The color of the Web is essential, and we told you because.

To choose the color of the webpage is as important as the design of the same because it can have relation with what indirectly we want to communicate. The symbolism of the colors in the design Web exists and its election must be of rightest. Also it will be closely ligature to the perception that the clients have of our brand. And it is that, according to different studies, to choose a color and another one it affects the opinion psychologically and the perception that the users can have of our Web and, therefore, can have relation or not in the prospect of success of our company.

At the time of choosing a color for the Web we must think about what sector and in what activity moves our company. That is to say, the red colors and the blue colors, the most used in the design Web, are not only obstacles in the design of political Webs of formaticos, also usually are used in Webs of tourism, engineering or benefit of services of consultant's office and consultancy. The green color is implied with the design of pages Webs that they have to do with the environment, as much in activities as with products of the field. And if we want to design a webpage with infantile information? Blue clearly and the rose never fails, this last also for companies of events of weddings and similars. That yes, not always these rules must be fulfilled, each must choose that one color that it likes and goes more in accordance with the brand of its company.

In the design Web every time he is fashionable to combine colors as the yellow and the black for industrial activities, also the grays for companies of the sector of the sport. Whereas the companies that are dedicated to health subjects, usually decide on the red color, as the blood. And if we are going to design a webpage for products of the home? Here those that are repeated more are the white colors, sepias and yellows. Whereas those that they have to do with the automotion usually show preference for clear colors where premium the own color of the cars.

Nevertheless, there are times that these rules are in broken coat. And many designers prefer not to decide on these tendencies and to decide on more aggressive, white tones neutral with photographies of the company, and more surprising designs with the aim of hitting in the end user. And he is that, on pleasures€¦

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