The new features of Flickr in search of the lost land

Published 15-05-2015

Pinterest and, mainly, Instagram had won him the battle to Flickr in the field of the social networks based on images. Nevertheless, Yahoo has decided to put hand and to renew it completely. It will be able to relaunch it? These are some new features if still doubts to choose Flickr for your company.

Flickr does not want to be removed in the sector of the social networks based on images and Yahoo tries to put more of its part so that this does not happen. Followed by hundreds of million followers anywhere in the world, Flickr has seen as the Pinterest fashion first and, mainly, Instagram later has snatched to him following that has decided to leave weak a great account number.

First of all, Yahoo thought that the users could accede to their account of Flickr through Facebook. But no. Whoever to continue connecting itself this service of storage of images will have to open an account of Yahoo and to tie it to Flickr. The idea of Facebook, that a success could suppose everything, is parked at the moment. Then, how to relaunch Flickr? If you are in the heat of decision of what social networks to choose for the digital marketing of your company, the new features of Flickr ten in account that Yahoo has prepared, perhaps can interest to you.

Between the new features of Flickr, it is the support of technology of advanced recognition. And what is this? A tool that has as objective enriching the searches and that will allow Flickr as well to be organizing the images of their users in multiple categories, up to 60 altogether.

These categories will be visible for the members of their platform thanks to the function Magic View. But eye, for most conversational also will exist the possibility of diving in the collections of content of the classic form and based on the date.

Another one of the new features of Flickr that has thought Yahoo to relaunch it is the introduction of an up-to-date Uploadr. This will be of specialty utility as much for the users who connect themselves from a Mac and for those more faithful users to Windows and that will allow to handle a great amount of photographies

Yahoo does not stop the thing there. Another tool more, Car tries to be all a revolution. How? Helping to use of a more effective way the space available in the movable terminals of the users of Flickr. Automatic synchronizations of the additions of content of some to other devices will be realised

In addition to these, other new features. Yahoo also has decided to send apps movable updated of Flickr, the one that can be unloaded photos or videos in format ZIP, to increase the security of its tool and that to erase the repeated material.

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