Myths On the SEO (1)

Published 18-05-2015

As much it is spoken in the network on the SEO and the positioning Web€¦ Everything has shelp of on the matter, that if €œmetaenlaces€ is impresicindibles, that if €œit is not necessary to make SEO€, that if €œthe SEO is thing of the technicians and programmers€, that if€¦ And good today we have in our headquarters (In Terrassa, soon we will leave a map you) that the same agrees to clarify to some points of more common myths SEO. There they go: 

Myth: SEO = Ranking

Commentary:  To leave number 1 in Google is a profit, but not always in this way the objectives of a business are obtained. You obsessions too much with the ranking and do not center to you in being useful for your users, will thus kill two birds of a shot, will be able to sell and attract more users. 

Myth: I must register my Web in Google

Commentary: This idea to register themselves or to appear to Google is totally ambiguous. If you have a new website, calm, Google will find you and index without the need that you say it. Yes€¦ Google is as Liam Neeson in €œRevenge€. Google will find you and it will index to you. (This prota is more pacific than film ours).

Myth: To have a safe site (HTTPS) is not important in your strategy SEO

Commentary: In August of 2014 Google announced that it would begin to include in its algorithm the use of this security system HTTPS that replaces the traditional HTTP. Although it has only affected to 1% of the searches, Google has made clear that it prefers this new system. So if you have budget for a certificate SSL, nor you doubt it, agrees to have it §, not only by the SEO, but also you will improve the experience of your usarios (two birds of a shot, again).

Myth: The SEO is something that I can delegate in the IT department

Commentary: As in any other discipline, the SEO needs to lean in other areas as the technological development. Nevertheless, all the strategy SEO cannot fall on this department, each has its capacities and must lean some to others. In our equipment, we had marketing specialists to support the production of the projects and to give another approach them€¦ Wink . Ponte in touch with us and we helped you. 

Myth: The SEO is free, I can be positioned without investing

For nothing certain, so that your strategy SEO of results you must have experts not only in positioning, but also in programming. In addition, although you would have these knowledge, exist other intangible costs as the time and the effort (in addition to the economic one, for example, the tools, although there are them gratuitous). 

Myth: H1 is the most important element in a page

Commentary: Due to the continued Spam that has become of the head labels, as important web search engines no longer consider h1 as before. However, you must insert the most important concepts of your Web at the home of the same. It remembers that you go to the user and you must transmit to him first most important.

Myth: Home of my website must take much content

Home of your Web is the front door to your clients therefore must be visual. Perhaps if the proposal of value of your business is simple you do not need more than a field €œTo initiate session€ (as Dropbox). In other cases, your home must take the text necessary to explain who you are, what you do, where you are (if you have physical space) and which is your proposal of value. Neither the more, nor the less.

This series will be first of articles in that we will speak on this subject interesting, if you have some doubt that you must solve, leaves it to us in the commentaries. Or send a mail to us. We will respond to you quickly. 

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