Facebook and its project of customized marketing

Published 21-05-2015

Internet and the social networks have become perfect allies expensive to operate kindness of marketing online for the companies. If we spoke of an almost vital social network for many, this is Facebook that will bet, next to IBM, by customized marketing.

Few details have gone more beyond this union but that, nevertheless, it tries to be historical. The IBM giant and the not less huge one, Facebook unite their forces for €œhelping€ (and receiving, we suppose) the companies to assure customized experiences to them digital marketing being used their own channels and their own technology.

And it is that it is this, indeed, one of the €œerrors€ that it is attributed to them to Facebook:  a greater personalisation in questions of marketing online for the given companies of discharge in its page, beyond certain campaigns that, with time, have stopped having the reach that they had long ago. Although, it is possible to add, that of this Facebook is quite guilty. Lack to personalize digital marketing in the social networks and to express this subject, is the new objective of the greater social network of the world.

Facebook and IBM have kept awake the signature in a collaboration agreement that will allow to provide customized capacities of marketing to companies worldwide. Facebook next to the branch Commerce de IBM, will begin with a pilot project in New York that it tries, with time, to be global. IBM will be able to use the data of the social network to reach a deeper knowledge on the interests, opinions and expectations of the usuary ones on the brands.

In addition the tools to which also arranges Facebook and IBM Journey Analytics will help the companies to identify of way more precise as of his clients they are between the 1,440 million active users of Facebook and to analyze which are the correlations between their interests and interactions through different channels.

The objective is not other that to have drawn a clearer image of its objective public and to even adapt proven campaigns on Facebook to other channels, as they can be physical stores, movable webpages or applications. Whereas, on the other hand, the obtained data can be used through the solution IBM Journey Designer to start up more effective campaigns on Facebook or in any other means or platform.

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