Essential advice for the design of layout

Published 04-06-2015

How to distribute efficiently the different elements that must appear in a Web? The design of layout is essential for the good appearance of a webpage and also for its usability. There are advice for the design of layout considered as essential here.

In the design Web, the design of layout is vital no longer only for a good appearance of the webpage but for its navigation and therefore usability on the part of the internauts. When we spoke of layout we talked about to an imaginary grid that divides in spaces or fields the webpage that is designed to facilitate therefore the distribution of elements as graphical texts or in the same.

These are some advice for the design of layouts who will help you to have one better webpage.

1. The resolution of the screen always must be an essential characteristic to consider. For this reason, and although the classic resolution has happened to history, always ten in account the resolution 800 xs 600 as minim, when designing it.

2. It uses colors to define and to separate spaces when using fixed widths. Also it centers the Web in the screen of the navigator. Little by little they are basic essential in the design of your layout.

3. You do not waste any space. It uses a relative size in certain sections of the design of your webpage, as for example in the main zone of the content, so that it can expand and be contracted to adapt to the window of the navigator.

4. You must very consider the proportion of the graphs and texts in a page. You do not exceed including images to your Web, you can make difficult the reading understanding of your site.

5. He is recommendable that the design of layout you align the images. With a simple code of a pair of lines you can center your images. This code goes in your style sheet CSS.

6. It thinks about the width of the text, or what is just like each line does not surpass the 11 words. If they surpass them, it can be that the internauts relax in the line jump.

7. Forget to you the label to center in the design of your layout or structure Web. To center a text in HTML and that is well is complicated, and in addition to obtain that it is read easily much more.

8. And, by all means, it takes care of the alignment of each part of your site since this one provides the structural frame of a design Web.

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