50 gold rules in the design Web

Published 11-06-2015

To enjoy a webpage that satisfies the needs with a company, that is attractive at the same time as useful and that informs and helps to attract new clients, is the raison d'etre of all corporative webpage. To have a good design Web has become a priority but for it Xs are due to fulfill gold rules as these€¦

The competition is ferocious in all the sectors and also in Internet. Almost each company of almost any sector needs a page webdonde to show who is and what it does with the aim of drawing attention of the users, being positioned well and to obtain, therefore, more projects, more work and more gains, than are in question thing. But it is not enough with having a Web immediately, are due to fulfill 50 gold rules in the design Web that is high-priority to follow.

1. That it has a design attractive Web.

2. That it is a functional webpage.

3. Easy navigation.

4. Modern webpage but without stridencies.

5. That the design Web considers the existing tendencies in design.

6. The election of a good typography.

7. The inclusion of images with good resolution.

8. Incorporation of videos.

7. Connections to the social networks of the company.

8. Name easy to remember.

9. Not to exceed in the number of pages.

10. Not to exceed in the size of the text.

11. Use of key words.

12. Optimization SEO of the text Web.

13. Programming SEO of the page.

14. To have much well-taken care of with the election of the colors to use.

15. To consider in the design Web the objective public.

16. To have a easy and attractive menu to its navigation.

17. That he fulfills all the legal rules Web that are demanded.

18. That she is safe if is a Web that includes a virtual store.

19. That she is fast for the user at the time of changing of section.

20. He identifies myself clearly with the intention of the business.

21. To update it once in a while.

22. To incorporate a blog for the improvement of its positioning.

23. To be abreast of measurers as Google Analytics to evaluate its success.

24. To have a logo as corporative image.

25. To make clear €œcall to action€ to the internaut.

26. To harness the visibility of the Web without needing doing scroll.

27. That it is a Web responsive and he can enjoy itself without trouble in each movable device.

28. Different forms from contact between the user and the company.

29. Who we are it is essential to offer more security to the user.

30. Maintenance service professional Web.

31. To trust professional designers Web, and not in fans.

32. Not to include different typographies.

33. Not to include music.

34. To consider the prevention of errors.

35. Not to copy nor to be inspired too much by other Webs, and less than the competition.

36. Spaces in target to give him €œto air€ and lightness to the Web.

37. To think that it is a design Web that will have to modify in the future.

38. Pon in practice always that one of which €œless it is more€.

39. It flees from the symmetry.

40. You do not pay attention of the aesthetic compositions, nor to pictures, rectangles€¦

41. It compresses and it separates.

42. It is not a work for the designer, but she to the company must like.

43. Possibility of home of session for users with special functionalities.

44. Same sizes in texts, photographies.

45. You do not experience too much, leaves acquires expensive personality to the user.

46. Texts written by a same person.

47. Use own or free images of rights.

48. To choose pluggins necessary, if it were the case, you do not accumulate.

49. It realises a sketch in paper before the design Web.

50. That it transmits the values and the spirit of the company.

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