The new features that the new version of WordPress 4.2 brings

Published 18-06-2015

In just a short time, Wordpress has been able to raise with the leadership in the accomplishment of blogs and pages Webs. Their groups, their multiple and easy functionalities, his pluggins€¦ few companies of resist. The last version Wordpress 4,2 brings new features as these€¦

Of as much in as much WordPress it surprises to us with a new version to facilitate the work of all those people who decide to work with him, offering interesting new features and new acquisitions to do the work to us a little easier. The new features that the new version of WordPress 4,2 brings are than interesting more.

In this new version many have been corrected bugs detected in the versions of the 4,1, in addition to adding functionalities as the management of credentials of FTP or SSH in the update of plugins. Also the schemes of colors and the visualization have improved from movable devices.

One of the main changes comes by the return of the functionality To publish This. An option that allows faster publications from any place and under any device. Another one of the new features of the new version of WordPress 4,2 is the improvement of the Personalizador de Menºs where also updates are added €œin the heat of the moment€ from the own List of Plugins,

Also another one of the new features of WordPress 4,2 is the support for Emoji, famous emoticones of Messenger, Skype, Facebook or WhatssApp, the personalizador of menu and to directly install or to update plugins from the installed List of Plugins without needing going to €œUpdates€ and selecting them all.

Following with the new features of WordPress 4,2, this new version entails improvements in the form to install, to examine and to have a previous view of the subjects using the personalizador, from the option Appearance, Subjects. Now the user can change a subject, obtain a previous view and to even activate other subjects from the screen of personalisation of any subject. In addition, thanks to the integration of subjects directly in the personalizador, the live job streams and the previous view to a great extent simplify the tasks related to the management of the subject in use and to evaluate if another Subject adapts equal of good to the distribution of contents.

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