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Published 24-06-2015

One is one of the most effective tactics in digital marketing and that has as objective attracting potential users to our webpage and that, by all means, they buy. We told you of what pages consists the creation of landing.

One landing page is, at present, one of the tendencies in fashionable digital marketing and with greater ratio of success on the part of the companies. They are pages of entrance or welcome to which a user arrives after to have made click in some connection. Without a doubt an economic strategy of marketing that it has as objective to turn the visitors into clients. And, in addition, it is verified, in a high percentage of occasions obtain it.

At the time of deciding us by the existence of landing page in our webpage, we must consider that exists of two types. On the one hand, the main webpage at which it is arrived by means of a campaign of Google Adwords or PPC (Pago Por Click). And on the other hand, one landing page or one specific page that it has as aim to promote a product or a service in particular that it does not have because to be necessarily hypertie with the main webpage of the company.

The effectiveness of landig page works of the following form. To the users and always being based on its own navigation registered in the IP of its PC, landing will appear to them certain page where when doing click in them, will take to the user to a URL who also will be able to make reference to microsites according to the market puts and/or product.  An action in customized and to the maximum segmented digital marketing where the user and potential client will have made a click in a connection selected previously by him.

If we have a webpage, when we have to choose this creation of landing pages in action of digital marketing? The options are several. If to publicity, that is to say, campaigns of PPC is being pleased, also I connect phelp or banners, if it knows clearly which is the transaction that is wanted to let to certainty in these landing page (register itself, to buy now€¦. ) but mainly if it is wanted to know by means of this study of trustworthy market, from where the potential clients, their profile come and, therefore, and to offer a more customized message to him.

The creation of landing page includes different basic techniques from digital marketing, as they are the pick up of traffic, of potential clients, his complementing with other strategies of marketing as SEO, announcements of video, text announcements, blogs and other techniques in off line, to convince to the user for the call to the action and to retain it, etc€¦

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