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Published 01-07-2015

Without giving account us, the SEO acts between frames in the Webs of great companies. It is a very powerful tool to present to you, for that reason we want to share what we know with you. And how I can apply it Web? €¦ If these interested, we invited to you to that you continue reading and you discover it.


     SEO (Optimization Search Engine) is the call natural positioning of a Web, or what is the same, the facility with which the finders find and recognize your website and considers it as a confidence Web.

The success of a page must be measured by a criterion: For the visitor what you want that does? 

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     The positioning Web serves basically so that this but well-known and is visited by the users which goes directed. This method provides:

  • AUTHORITY: one is the popularity of the Web. The more popular it is a Web, the more valuable is the information that contains.
  • RELEVANCE: it is the relation that have the page against a search, that is to say, the relation between the Web and the information that want to find a person.



     SEO ON-SITE > worries about the relevance, of which the Web is optimized and that understand it the web search engines. It includes: time of load of the page, optimization of keywords (key words), experience of the user and URL's.

     SEO In Off - SITE > concentrates in the authority of the brand, where most important they are the number and the quality of the connections, is present in social networks and yield of the results search (CTR).



The positioning can follow or not them recommendations of the web search engines, according to this can be:

      White Hat > Consiste of all those ethically correct actions and that comply with the directives of the web search engines to position a webpage and the results search.

      BLACK HAT > is called black hat to the attempt to improve the search engine optimization of a webpage by means of little ethical techniques or that contradict the directives of the web search engine.



     We imagine that a commerce that sells office articles name brand inquires, and discovers that every month in their country, an average of 148,000 people €œOxford notebooks€ look for the term. Also they see that 52% of the users who look for it, accede to the Web that is seen in first position in the web search engines.

     That means that what we will look for will be to arrive at the first position in the web search engines. That will make increase our sales since we will be more visible facing the public.

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