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Published 02-07-2015

The access to Internet and the new technologies is universal. Each person, from a PC with connection can connect herself to the network of networks. Nevertheless there are people who have it more difficult than others, the people with visual incapacity. What is necessary to consider in the design Web for their usability in people with visual incapacity?

All we did not leave from zero at the time of using Internet, or the new technologies in themselves. There are people who by problems from their birth or accidents or ailments undergone during their life, have seen decreased their visual capacities. At the time of acceding to Internet, this a problem so that they can enjoy the network and sail with total normality, within the possible options can suppose everything.

What is necessary to consider at the time of realising a design Web for people with visual incapacity? The barriers are many that there are to surpass in this design so that these people can accede freely to the information available in Internet. For example, the videos must have option to show subtitles to increase their level of understanding, the connection to Internet and the programming of the own webpage does not have to be slow to avoid frustrations to these people, the graphs and the images must have very good resolution and those designs described Webs that choose by frames or graphs will not be more difficult to understand. But there is more.

At the time of realising a design Web for people with visual incapacity it is necessary to consider a series of elements essential expensive to provide a navigation much more available for these. Although some people cannot see images, films€¦ yes can use sounds which is due to foment this possibility of audio of each one of the contents. The image maps, by their side, must own an alternative text describing the hyperbond to which it is connected, and is recommendable to use a good resistance of colors.

He is recommendable that at the time of coming to the design Web for people with incapacity, eliminates the tables and in the case of the videos, gets up an alternative text ALT that provides a general description of the animation.  Also at the time of organizing the pages, they are due to use headed that allow that the page is more accessible, documents with a greater typography to be able to be read with greater facility, to use hyperbonds, blinking and displacement of elements in the webpage and that scripts or other programmatic objects can even be read being disconnected.

These are only some ideas to carry out an accessible webpage for people with visual incapacity. Internet is universal and use must be, therefore, accessible to everybody.

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