10 habitual errors in corporative blogs

Published 09-07-2015

The corporative blogs are fashionable. Few companies resist to create his own one with the aim of informing on the present time of the company, its products or services or thinking that thanks to him they will be able to improve his search engine optimization. But the errors in corporative blogs are accumulated. It is not enough with writing texts, if not to consider aspects as these€¦

At present, as soon as there are companies that resist to have their own blog. Its utility and the objective of the same can be varied: to speak on products or services of the company, to only concentrate in a determined product, search to give to the image of company specialized in a certain sector or service, to offer corporative information on the present time of the company and to even look for with texts to position itself in finders. Nevertheless, the habitual errors in corporative blogs are repeated in multitude of cases as these€¦

1. Who writes. It is necessary to know very clearly who or who is going to write in the blog. It must be somebody with knowledge of style, aptitudes SEO and valuable information on the subject to try. In addition always it is necessary to follow a same style, therefore that writes anyone in a corporative blog can reduce formality to him to the same.

2. SEO. A simple text in the same way does not position that a text written by anybody with knowledge SEO. To know how to use the keywords, bolds, hyperbonds, I connect, labels, structure€¦ is essential and what differentiates a blog to the use to a blog useful SEO and.

3. What is counted. It is necessary to consider very what is wanted to count in the corporative blog and this he is one of the 10 habitual errors in corporative blogs. It is not to have a blog to have if not what we are going to count. The ideal is to speak on the application of our services and products to action appellants of the day and to offer interesting articles.

4. Key words. Not to realise a previous study on the key words where we want to position our corporative blog is another error. Envelope what is the blog? on what it treats our company? Starting off of these premises we can begin to analyze the suitable key words for our blog.

5. Categories. Not to establish categories in our corporative blog is another habitual error. For example if we have a blog on Consultant's offices we can have several categories: labor consultant's office, fiscal consultant's office, RENT€¦ and to classify articles in each of them.

6. Size texts. So that a text is useful concerning SEO never must be smaller of 300 words. To write texts without considering its size is a great error. In addition these must always have one entradilla separated by a label €œread dwells€ (to read more) as advance payment of the text at issue.

7. Images. Not to be able images in a text, although is only as head image is another habitual error in corporative blogs. Apart from which it is better aesthetically, the images with his fotoetiquetas also help to position.

8. Pluggins. The election of pluggins SEO must be essential so that the blog manages to position itself. And nothing better than to leave this task in hand of professionals.

9. It is not an advertising showcase. It is necessary to consider that to have a corporative blog is not to have an advertising showcase where to crush with supplies, products€¦ of the company. To offer interest articles is obligatory, but pure publicity and does not last.

10. Periodic update. He is one of the habitual errors in corporative blogs. The blog starts up but the updates disperse with time. It is necessary for that reason to update the blog every week and to have certain formalism in this aspect.

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