The events that better work in the social networks

Published 15-07-2015

Just as there are companies that work better or worse in social networks than others, are also events that are more inclined to win adept in these calls. Not all event that is publicized on Facebook or Twitter prevails. These are the events that better work in digital marketing and the social networks.

If you have a company and you want to promote an event, the social networks as Facebook or Twitter can help you excessively to arrive at more public. Nevertheless, as in everything in spite of establishing a strategy in elaborated digital marketing and apparently realised well, it can be that this event does not work.

And it is that as it happens with the social networks, will not work equal a social network based on trips or celebrations, that a social network based on technical products. If there are products that lie down more to prevail or Twitter on Facebookalso there are events that better work in digital marketing. The Tagkast company has realised a study to discern on the events that better work if we used the social networks and the results are clear. In addition, we and due to our experience and specialization in the sector, add others.

- Events of sports. The events of sports in social networks are those that more success they have, as our event of Padel for example. The sport has a great power of call and is easier to realise a company event and to relate it to the sport. Even whatever thematic one of your company.

- Events of concerts. The events of concerts are others of the events that better work in the digital marketing of the social networks.  The small concerts mainly have in a these expensive exit important to obtain public major and to arrive at more people.

- Cinematographic events. Without a doubt, the cinema always is good incentive to enjoy at our moments of leisure. And the cinematographic events surpass to the theater in the power of call in social networks. Cycles, cinema outdoors, a work in particular€¦ the social networks are key here for digital marketing.

- Events of feeding. Test to give feeding products if you have a company. Or best a pack. Or it announces that in such presentation you are going to give a consumption product. People will add themselves, almost, in mass. A good opportunity to present to you to you.

- Shared in common events. The shared in common events remove to shine the most human facet of Facebook, Twitter and digital marketing in itself. Beneficial concentrations, supports, manifestations, swap-meets€¦ usually are much successful.

But in the events in social networks, there are them do not finish working. The presentation immediately of products, for example, requires of the application of other communication channels as they can be so helped newsletters. Tenlas in account.

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