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Published 20-07-2015

Many of the searches related to positioning Web, follow words to them as cheap or free. Today we will explain to you that consequences must choose services of SEO with these characteristics. Because€¦ you would entrust yourself in which sold the last version to you of iPhone by 20‚¬?

 Each thing has its value.

Just as nobody would not sell iPhone to you by this price, would recommend to you either that you bought a book anyone by 400‚¬. With this I want that llegueis to the conclusion that each thing has its value. He is the same in the case of the SEO.

We free have a certain esteem to the word, but to have dependency to her in many occasions generates poor and little solid results. 

We have the problem of which is much competition in almost all the scopes in which usually we move, means that many people invest significantly in positioning themselves as well as possible, and for it professionals or hours and hours of training require themselves.

Which are the main failures to decide on a positioning of bad quality?

The SEO needs perseverance and certainty to arrive to the maximum from its potential, a good positioning does not obtain from one week to the next unless you very use strategies penalized by Google.

     1. That the Web is not able to position itself in the first results search. This means that the company has not spent to the hours sufficient nor the resources necessary to improve the authority of the Web. Or it can be that this uses very detrimental strategies and that they soil the image of the brand.

     2. Possibility of losing the domain of the company. The more authority loses our Web, the more difficult is to recover it, so if in the future you wanted to invest by a quality positioning, this the double would cost to you.

     3. Penalty of Google. As we already know, Google penalizes those Webs that use bad methods of positioning called €œBlack Hat€, this will mean a fort impact in our company and is difficult to recover of it.

Which are the advantages of a positioning professional Web?

Between many others, I let three advantages to you work with trained professionals of the SEO:

     1. To have a high authority of the page = more relevance

     2. To catch more users = increase of clients

     3. To appear on the front page of the finders = more visibility

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