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Published 23-07-2015

The summer arrives and, of course, your smartphone promises to accompany to you there where you go. You know that they exist apps for the summer very useful and gratuitous that to unload for this time of the year? These are apps for the summer more useful than they cannot lack in your mobile.

To the beach or the swimming pool one goes away with towel, parasol€¦ and with the mobile! Although we would want, we did not leave it at home, we are hooked. And within our Smartphone a series of Apps or movable applications that you cannot need during the summer. You know which are the Apps useful for the summer that do not have to lack in your mobile? Because you never know when you are going them to be able to use. In NonStop-Press we give some tracks you, it opens your Play Store and it begins!

Relax Melodies

If you are of that it costs to them to adapt to the new schedules in summer and still you continue awaking early in total vacation, app Relax Melodies will help you to relax to you and to continue sleeping. In addition app for the summer is one very useful face to sleep to the children, more hyperactive during these celebrations.

The time

App the time, pertaining to the Web, must be obligatorily in your mobile. It gives the detailed prediction you of the time until in 14 days in advance. Nor you are going to take the parasol and in fact you need an umbrella! Estate to as much of the time with this app ºtily necessary.


Solarize esun to timer of bronzed cannot lack this summer in your mobile. This app for the summer calculates how long you are under the burning sun. It gives the option to select your type you leather and to give some useful advice you. It will serve you not to happen to you, nor to burn to you.


You already can be entering your Play Store and to unload this to you app useful for the summer. So famous Michel­n guide always by hand. V­aMichel­n is one app where to calculate your routes, maps and traffic in real time. It verifies if there are traffic incidences, the shortest routes, near parkings€¦


Playea is the beach finder leader of Spain and app of reference in beach information in Spain. The greater beach social network to enjoy your trip to the beach to the maximum. It finds, it comments, it scores, it shares photos€¦ Useful other app for your mobile.

Daily Workout

Between ice cream and ice cream, to stay in form in summer also is possible if app Daily Workout remembers it to you. It contains a series of videos that show the user what exercises and the frequency with which they must make them not to lose the tone. Another one of its advantages is that it monitors and guides the training, remembering the sometimes done times previous to analyze the improvement day after day.

To learn 50 languages

And another one app for the very useful summer is this, To learn 50 languages where to learn a pile of new languages while you pass your summer tumbad@ in the sunlounger taking the sun and who you know if you are going to have to need learned this summer? To learn 50 languages offers a series to you of lessons by languages and a very easy and intuitive navigation.

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