How to apply the cookies, the legal warning and the policy of privacy?

Published 31-08-2015

If a few months ago we explained you what is the cookies, why they serve and what types it has, today we will speak on his importance and as the cookies, the legal warning and the policy of privacy within laws LSSICE and the LOPD are applied, two laws that regulate the referring subjects to the information of the Web and the own users.

Next we will give some simple keys you to apply the LOPD and the LSSICE in your Web, we go by steps:

LOPD: Statutory law of Protection of Data

Nowadays he is very fashionable to speak to fulfill the LOPD, more well-known as the law of protection of data, is a factor important to consider at the time of making a Web but€¦

How we have to confront the LOPD at practical level?

The discharge of the file is due to realise in the AEPD that is the Spanish agency of protection of data and that will serve us to elaborate the famous policy of privacy of our Web.

Who must apply the LOPD?

All organization of governmental function or deprived has the obligation to fulfill the LOPD. All the citizens have right to that the law guarantees its protection of data.

In this way, our Web will be in accordance with Statutory law 15/1999 of the LOPD and Real Decreto 1720/2007.

Eye! the breach of the LOPD entails sanctions among 600‚¬ and 600.000‚¬

The LSSICE: Law of Services of the Information and Electronic Commerce

To fulfill the Law of Services of the Information and Comercio Electr³nico (LSSICE), 34/2002 of 11 of July, means to have informed your users into the activity who you exert, as well as different data as the social denomination, identification fiscal and other requirements according to your enterprise activity.

How we have to confront the LSSICE at practical level?

Simply it is necessary to previously shape all the data commented in a note of legal warning or legal conditions so that the user at any moment has access to the information of our company.

The cookies

You have noticed lately that 99% of the Webs show a message to us of cookies when acceding? Why it will be?

The cookies are governed by the LSSICE and are portions of information that sends our Web to the navigator of the user allowing to the site to know that we do in the site: that products we see, to keep registries, that pages of the Web we visited etc.

We must inform of the user that exists these cookies and not to activate them until it is informed, in this message is due to also connect an explanation of which cookies we applied and why serves.

Who must apply the LSSICE?

This law affects to all company, organization or group that realise an economic activity, being outside those organizations that realise an activity without profit spirit.

Eye! To fail to fulfill the LSSICE entails sanctions among 30.000‚¬ and 150.000‚¬

If you need help with some the commented subjects sends a message to us and we will do a budget in accordance with to you our legal advisory services Web.

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