Fast guide of labels of headed HTML for SEO

Published 30-09-2015

In this new entrance we let a fast guide to you to treat headed (Headers Tags) the HTML in key SEO. Google has already transmitted the importance of the headed ones by active and passive. 


Basically they are six labels that are defined with this nomenclature: <h1> until <h6> and that is placed in the Body of document HTML to indicate what element is heading of the text that follows next.

The headed ones are some of the most vital tools of the present SEO. Through these labels, him tenth to the finders as Google, how we have organized our Web, that help that positions it of more optimal form.

It is recommended that we use the labels of natural form and without exaggerating since Google can interpret it as an artificial attempt to make raise positions of our Web.

The headed use of the H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6:


The H1 label is most important and the one than has more relevance for Google, we are indicating to him with headed a holder who defines better the page in particular of site. Therefore each one of the different pages from our Web will have a H1 label different and representative of the same, are an error to put the same H1 label for all the pages of our Web, for example to put our brand or the name of the company in all the headed H1, error.

It must go more above of the possible page, Google will give more importance him and will be a headed more powerful H1 concerning SEO. 

He is advisable that the H1 label is not a connection since of this form him tenth to Google that the important thing is not the one of the present page but the connected content. It must make reference to the content of the page so that he is effective.
Finally, the H1 must be short heading since whatever more words contain weaker becomes facing the effectiveness in finders.


The H2 label is very similar to the H1 but it distinguishes the different sub-sections to us from the page and it defines them with a subtitle in the form of label, go perfect to separate the different blocks from the page at issue. 

Logically it can have more than one, but he is not advisable that there is more than 8 even than there is no a determined limit, everything will depend on the amount of text of the page.
Finally to observe that these H2 labels make direct reference to the text that follows to them.

<H3>, <H4>, <H5>, <H6>:

The H3 labels until the H6 labels serve to subdivide plus the blocks with H2 labels and they are in force by the same headed criteria that the H1 and H2, that naturally have much less incidence in the SEO is even necessary not to abuse if it is not necessary.


H1, H2, H3: to consider

In order to be finishing, it is necessary to consider some small things more, cannot have a H3 label if previously one does not exist labels H2 nor a H2 previously label if a H1 label does not exist.

We must avoid at all costs that our labels are images, since Google does not know to recognize a text within an image, still worse is to put a headed H1 behind an image being caused that the users do not see it, Google more surely is than penalizes it hard.

And up to here this small guide of headed labels and for SEO, Until the next one!

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