Fast guide of labels puts title and puts description for SEO

Published 05-10-2015

After the fast guide of the labels of headed of some ago days, today we will speak of another subject very interesting SEO, the labels it puts title (it puts title) and puts description (it puts description), that although they do not serve directly to position a Web, is important to attract click. We are going to see what is and what benefit we can remove to him.

What is a goal title and a goal description?

We are speaking of some labels HTML again, that is to say, different information that soon the SERPs (Search Engine result page) as Google, Yahoo or Bing will read and later will interpret.

The finders will take the title and the description that we have put in the labels puts description and puts tilte at the time of showing to the Web as result, that is to say, the information that sees when to a user it seems to him printed a Web in a finder. To add that the possibility, that exists even small, of which a finder does not use these labels to put the title and the description of the Web, after all they have the last word, but as a rule they will use it.

This it is its aspect in the code of our Web:

<title>Aqu­ goes the title of ours p¡gina</title>

<meta description=€ title€ content= €œgoes the description of our page Here€/>

Why he is useful to apply these labels it puts title and it puts description HTML in our code?

€œIf it is not necessary does not help me to position my Web then that puts them€€¦ error. They can help much and the SEO:

It increases the clicks of our Web:

Whenever we can put a text done by us, we will have the opportunity to communicate to us and this gives I cheeped to infinite possibilities. If it is an attractive text will be increased the number of click and consequently it will increase the traffic of our Web.

On the other hand it is necessary to consider that many social networks also use these labels for when a connection of the Web shares.

How we make the labels title and description?

First it is necessary to rely on the technical characteristics to optimize the text to the finders, basing to us on Google, the titles must not have more than 70 characters and the description not more than 156 characters spaces including. We can use the tool Google SERP Snippet Optimitzation Tool that will help us to previsualize as it is in Goolge.

The text must be descriptive and must be thought to cause that the user clicks and soon really he finds what looks for. It can include some keyword not exclusively but since the message loses effectiveness.

The text must call to the action, we must say it that it must do and as must it do, all this with an suitable message to the strategy of the company.

We are going to see a good example and a bad example:

Badly example:

Title: €œDriving school€

Description €œWe are car Pepito de Barcelona school and we had been 30 years helping to our clients to remove the wished degrees of circulation€

Good example:

Title: €œPepito driving school in Barcelona€

Description: It takes advantage of our promotion 30 Anniversary now! It enjoys learned to lead.

In order to finalize, to add that in case we do not implement these labels in the programming it is not necessary to be alarmed, Google and the other SERPs will choose a text of the Web and they will use it of description, anyway is recommendable to make a pursuit in the finders of how are our Webs.

Greetings and until the next one!

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