The 4 legs of digital marketing

Published 16-10-2015

Nowadays it is clear that the world of marketing passes through the new technologies and the digital world. There are so many possibilities that we must know clearly the way that we want and we must follow. In this article we will make an introduction to digital marketing on the basis of 4 elements as if they were the 4 legs of a table where our strategy of marketing will rest online.

How we began with digital marketing?

The 4 legs of this stool of digital marketing are the SEO, SEM, marketing in social networks and marketing of contents. First we must define a plan of digital marketing in which a situation analysis consists to see where we are, the objectives to obtain in future, the tactics to obtain them in the short term, the strategy to obtain them in the long term, finally elements to measure the results and of returning to begin the cycle.


The SEO or Optimitzation Search Engine, consists of optimizing your Web at different levels so that he is interesting, for the users and who the web search engines understand it better and thus he is excellent for some terms search in particular.
The SEO is an exercise of certainty and quality with multiple technical factors as:

€“ Architecture of the site.
€“ Contents of the Web.
€“ Investigation of key words.
€“ Meta tags.
€“ Microformats.
€“ Web Optimization Performance.
€“ Headed.


SEM or Search Engine Marketing consists of attracting click of quality our Web by means of the payment by each click. This materializes with different modalities from announcements in the web search engines as the network search of Google, the network display of Google, movable applications, youtube and in other motors as Yahoo and Bing. We will be able to control the keywords and the text that appears in these announcements.

Marketing in social networks

They are all those action of digital marketing that we are going to realise in the social networks of the brand. These actions go oriented not only to generate traffic towards our Web but to manage our reputation online, to position our brand, to increase to sales or leads and really to show our image in social networks.

Marketing of contents

The marketing of contents is a set of techniques of marketing (on-off) oriented to create contents of quality in social Web, blog, networks, videos images, portals, events, webcast/podcast, etc. to attract and fidelizar to a defined hearing

A good plan of digital marketing also defines the strategy and action of each of these four sections as to our budget.

The ideal would be to combine these four legs to create synergies among them in the direction defined in the plan of digital marketing.

Until the next one!

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