Affect does the change of reds½s to the payment in my e-commerce?

Published 26-10-2015

€œI have an electronic commerce and I do not know if it affects this change of Redsys€, it is the reflection that we would have to do since it is very possible that yes. First we look in this connection if our organization is between which they use the Reds½s service for the payment:


If indeed our bank is between whom she collaborates with Reds½s How she affects us to our electronic commerce? next we see it.

The virtual TPV of Reds½s

It is a change that affects to the virtual TPV of Reds½s commercialized by the financial organizations, of direct or indirect form by means of other technical integrators. Generally the great majority of electronic commerces that use the virtual TPV is affected. 


Virtual relation SHA-1 and TPV

The TPV of Reds½s goes with an electronic signature and it communicates with the electronic commerce by means of a called algorithm SHA-1. One has determined that it has been obsolete since it cannot guarantee the security of the system and could be attacked, for this reason Reds½s has changed the system of the signature with more robust algorithms and thus to fulfill the new standards of security to protect our electronic commerce.


The implication of the change in Reds½s

From the 23/11/2015 our electronic commerce must adapt its systems to work correctly with the new model of signature, also repels in the notifications that receive from the virtual TPV that serves so that in real time our electronic commerce knows if the payment has become effectively.


Prestashop and other types of electronic commerce

For these cases there are unballastable units that allow the process of connection and installation of this modification in our electronic commerce. 


Verification of the change

In the Web of reds½s a tool exists that allows to simulate the signature to be sure that it makes the calculation correctly. Reds½s also makes available test surroundings to carry out tests and to verify that its electronic commerce can receive with normality.


From NonStop-Press we can give support at integral level for the update of this change in Redsys for the collection in electronic commerces.


Until the next one!

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