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Published 09-12-2015

Today we are going to treat a vitally important subject for the SEO as it is the time of load of our webpage.

As it comments us in his infogr¡fico the Web to smartbear at present 57% of the users leaves the site if it takes more than 3 seconds in loading, which can be demolishing for e-commerce that lives on the sales. 

First step: to measure

In the first place and before making nothing to improve the time of load of our Web it is necessary to know in what point we were.

For it we will use this tool that gives google us to measure the times of load, (ow san google what we would do without you).

This tool is gratuitous, fast and very complete until the point of which it gives concrete details us of how to improve the data of load concerning programming, as much our version writing-desk as the movable version.

There are several basic points important to try to improve the time of load of our Web, we explained them next.

Gzip compression

Archives HTML and CSS can occupy more space of the necessary thing and for that reason it is necessary to compress them.

The Gzip compression allows the reduction among 50% and a 70% the size, which reverts in a time of load smaller and less bandwidth used by the servant.

In order to make effective the Gzip compression, it is necessary to add to a small piece of called code €œ.htaccess€ that it is placed in the root of the servant.

Cache of the navigator

When a navigator opens our Web for the first time must load certain archives as the images for example, if we cause that this is kept by means of the cache, as of the second time does not make lack waste as much time in loading these elements.

The mechanics is very similar to the one of the previous point and is necessary to have a small piece of called code €œ.htaccess€ to specify the cache of the navigator.


In a Web it is normal to have redirections either to direct us to a concrete file of the Web or to another part of the same, or for example through a redirection 301 of fixed character, a redirection 302 of temporary character or others.

The bad news, these redirections suppose a small increase in the time of load. In this case we can make two things, first to eliminate the redirections that do not serve to us or they do not contribute. On the other hand we can optimize the framework of our certain Web so that redirections do not make lack and thus to save time in the load and access to the content.

Up to here the first part of the optimization of the time of load of our Web, in the second part we will approach the 6 remaining points of this pequ±a guide of improvement points.

Until the next one!

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