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Published 17-12-2015

As we shelp in the first part, we followed with the keys so that our page can load at greater speed, in the first place we spoke of the images of our Web:


The images of our Web can contribute to load at more speed if we optimized them all and do not have more weight of the necessary thing.
For it is necessary to keep them in the most suitable format, to trim them to the size necessary and to compress them, among others action. Many edition programs exist that allow all this with the minimum difficulty.
Normally the formats that will leave to you more against the account are those of JPG and png that allow a good compression with little loss of quality.


The CSS is the format concerning so large sources, colors, alignments. That is to say, brand what is the style of format HTML.
We can work configuration CSS to reduce the time of load, in this case in the analysis of google in pagespeed insights of google developers gives all the points to improve and a detailed explanation us of how optimizing it.


He is one of the programming languages that serve to make dynamic Webs. It could be that the load of these archives Javascript slowed down the load of the own Web since when the navigating one loads a Web and finds escript external for, unloads the file Javascript and consequently could delay the global load of the site.
Once again in pagespeed insights of google developers gives all the points to improve and a detailed explanation us of how optimizing it.

Visible content

When a Web is loaded, evidently the user does not see all the whole Web, normally must do scroll downwards, for that reason an intelligent decision would be to give load priority to the visible content, limiting the sizes of the different images, CSS, HTML, Javascript, etc.
For it we can structure the data of our code HTML, reduce the data to show in the page, among others things.


Our ally in this mission: google pagespeed insights inspects to us if some of our resources can be optimized reducing them of size. Basically we talked about to these resources: HTML, CSS and JavaScrip since we have already commented previously.

The servant

Google recommends us that the response time of the servant is not superior to the 200 milliseconds. Google does not inform to us into the time of load, it only indicates if we are superficially or below this number of the 200 milliseconds.

Up to here this guide on the improvement of the time of load.

Until the next one!

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