The tendencies in design Web for this 2016

Published 19-01-2016

The new year begins and with him the tendencies arrive already from design Web for this 2016. Here in Terrassa we are always kind to the new currents in design Web since each project has its own specifications, not always we can apply it but this does not exempt us to be.


Flat design

A tendency in graphical design that or for a long time it has been circulating around the market is the subject of the design flat or flat design. The design flat consists of reducing the design to something simple so that the message that is wanted to communicate arrives easily and so that it prioritizes the usability and the interaction of the user. Alive colors, typographies easy to read and short messages and inviting to the interaction they are the signs of the flat design. It is tendency will take to force this 2016.


The material design

This he is a type of design Web who has adopted google and that consists to play with forms, shades, edges, colors that remember us to the flat design since in fact it arises from there but with the characteristic use of geometric forms.


The typography

The typography is gaining protagonism in the design Web and the 2016 will give faith of it. Combinations of typographies, typographies that will not be limited to represent characters but will be means of expression in itself.



This technique that consists of giving a slight movement to an image to create a depth sensation, of life and dynamism. It would be a species of GIF implemented in the design Web.



Parallax in the design Web consists of giving to speeds different from the images giving depth sensation, is an effect similar to cinemagraph but it is nourished of the interaction of the user to generate this movement. The use of this technique is very still not extended in the design Web €œof on foot€ but the great agencies already begin it to use as a resource to more design the Webs and for this 2016 goes to more.


And up to here the tendencies in design Web that we have gathered for this home of year.

A greeting from Terrassa!

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