The change of algorithm google for mobile

Published 31-03-2016

past l 26 of Google February published this article referring to the importance of the versions Web and native applications in the movable devices.

The importance of the mobile

In the last year the use of the mobile for navigation and interaction in Internet has grown much, every time people realises more proceedings via mobile as the purchase of any type of products, administrative managements, consultations several, to see social series, networks, etc. By all this it seems that the seeking giant wants to give better visibility to the Webs that are friendly with smartphones.

The new algorithm of Goolge

All this is translated in a change in the algorithm that will be made cash according to the announcement day 21 of April. As of that Google day it will award much more in the positioning to Webs that are friendly for mobile or which they have his app.

It is not a mystery that google considers the movable format for the SEO and positioning but the fact to put a date to the change of algorithm indicates that they can have significant changes in the present positions in google.

Mainly they will be affected all the movable searches in all the languages worldwide, this as always tries to improve the user experience, who the results search are most significant possible and of quality for the own user.

Resources of Google for mobile

Google as always gives resources us so that we can adapt to the evolution of his algorithm, in this case in the following connection leaves us analyze our website to see if he is friendly for movable devices. In addition if our Web has points to improve, they facilitate a guide to us to be able to have it €œmobile perfectly friendly€

We hope to have been of help, until the next one!

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