Google Anlaytics: to anlizar the traffic basic level

Published 15-04-2016

Hello! Today we are going to see google analytics, the well-known tool of google that allows us to analyze everything what happens in our Web.

The first filters

Once installed the code of analytics in our Web the first step is to introduce the filters so that our own sessions do not consider and they do not soil the analysis.

With some simple steps we will be able to have the active filters and we will be able to enter our Web without fear to that the traffic perverts.

In order to put a filter concerning all the account we must enter analytics, the sections superiors we entered €œAdministrator€, in the first column we selected the account to which we want to apply the filter. Later once we go to €œAll the clicamos filters€ inside him to €œ+agregar filter€ and created a new filter, we put the name and we selected the type to him of filter is formed with the options that it gives us. Finally we added the filter and we kept.

In order to add a filter to a concrete view within the account we go to the last column €œto see€ and followed the same procedure.

To interpret the traffic

Now that we have the filters (always we can be adding filters) already we can begin to analyze the traffic.

We are going to see the basic concepts of which google speaks to us:

Sessions: when a user enters our Web and is sailing in our Web, a finalized session is considered when it has spent a period of certain time (normally 30 min that can even be formed) or when the average night goes.

On the other hand also there is another criterion to consider the session finalized that is when it enters through a campaign give ins and it is acceded through another different one.

Users: It is the number of users who have entered a certain period, that is to say if a month I enter 3 times your site in 3 days different counted 3 sessions and 1 user.

% by ricochet: It is the percentage of sessions that do not visit more than a page, they do not interact with her and they less than last 30 seconds (still that can also be formed manually since following the objective of the Web the by ricochet considered time can vary.)

To even add that also he allows himself to present the traffic in a monthly, weekly format, diaro and per hours.

We already can see the traffic and knowledge that mean these basic concepts,

Up to here the introduction to the analysis of the traffic of google analytics.

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