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Published 20-04-2016

In this double entrance to the blog we want to do a useful introduction to you to which it would be the analytical Web. We for example used a gratuitous tool of Google that is Google Analytics.

Why we measured?

We must know clearly because we measured, and we do it so that the objectives of our digital surroundings are fulfilled.
Our Web/App has been created for a reason. What we are going to verify is if really works, and basing us on the data, to optimize it so that it fulfills his objectives far better.

The analytical one does not go to have many data, goes to obtain ideas.

What can contribute the analytical one to us?

1) To optimize the pick up of the traffic & the campaigns, to catch more traffic and of better quality.

2) Optimization of the Web/App, to improve the Web, its content, its organization, design, etc.

3) To detect landlords of behavior of the user in our Web (and outside her)

4) To know better the client.

5) To detect opportunities.

Guide of the analytical one

Now that already we have been decided to do analytical we are going to see the steps to take it to end.

1) To mark objectives and KPIs

In first we must know clearly that we needed to measure objectives of the business, not to measure click. For example, sales, leads, shipment of forms, registries to a zone of clients, to present a brand, etc. In any case we must identify them.

We must also have present that exists the micro objectives that are the small previous objectives to the main objective of the business, for example, a main objective can be to sell, the micro objectives could be to share a product, being found in google of natural form, to register itself as client, to accede to the cart, etc€¦

In order to measure the objectives we will use two types of metric, the qualitative ones who measure qualities and they give context us as the average time of session, the percentage of conversion, % by ricochet, they allow us to appreciate attitudes and behaviors. Metric the quantitative ones measure amounts as seen sessions, pages, click, sales.

The KPIs

The KPIs are indicating key of our business, each you have theirs and you must define yours. A KPI must be oriented to results, objectives (previously defined) and must be actionable (that an action implies). For example, an important point of our business can be the average amount of the basket and a related objective could be that we want to increase the average amount of the basket, there we have a KPI that we must follow, is oriented to result, to an objective and implies an action of purchase on the part of the user.

It is necessary to make a pursuit of the KPIs chosen, is very recommendable to have values of reference for each of them and of marking clear and attainable goals.

Up to here the first part on analytical Web, soon the second part. Until the next one.

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