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Published 26-05-2016

Hello again, we followed with the analytical Web, we go with the second point where we will speak of the used infrastructure to carry out the analytical one of our site.


 2) The infrastructure 

As all project requires planning, How we are going it to do? We are going to measure the movable surroundings, the one of PC, tablets, all? What human and economic resources we are going to use to realise the analytical one? What tools we will use to realise the analytical one?

It is necessary to define well this point.


3) Strategic implementation

The optimal thing is to adapt Google Analytics business and not my business to Google Analytics.

The implementations that we must do are those that are designed specifically to respond to the needs of measurement of the business and of giving answer to the KPIs that needs to control the fulfillment of its objectives, allowing the Analytical one to collect the quality data that need to realise trustworthy hypotheses and recommendations.

We must prepare the tool so it interests to us neither the more nor the less.


4) Technical implementation

We are going to see as we implemented the tool that we will use to realise the analytical one, in our Google Analytics case.

In the first place we registered ourselves in Google Analytics, once filled in the form is a button that will give the pursuit code us which we will have to put in the programming of our Web.

If you work with an account already registered we will have to enter the account, to go to the eyelash of administration and in the column counts to add a new account which will make appear the form with information of registry and when finalizing the button that will emit the pursuit code to us.

There is another option that is to use another tool of Google called Google Tag Manager that allows to act as container of codes and allows to add of a simple form different codes as the own one from Analytics, the one of remarketing, etc.


5) Data analysis

To analyze the global data simply allows to see the added evolution us, but it does not help us that is to say where to act. It is necessary to analyze them and to deepen in them.

The attribution is a key piece. 

The attribution consists of assigning an economic value to a conversion. Of this form, we can know the economic value obtained by the conversions each channel of

marketing, and can be controlled/to analyze the return of our investment in pick up.

To have dashboard with the up-to-date summary of the result of our KPIs is a very good idea.


6) Process of continuous improvement.

The analytical one is not a task that becomes and once done is left goes single. The process must be continuous and we must be improving the process as we analyzed the project. Also we must learn to improve and not to stagnate.

The cycle is the following one: measurement, analysis, information, tests and finally improvements.


And up to here the double entrance of analytical Web, we hoped that it is to you of utility. Until the next one!

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