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Published 06-06-2016

Welcomes to this new entrance that will treat on WPO or Web Optimization Performance, are the diverse strategies to optimize the time of load, we followed with a subject appellant in this blog.

Today we want to speak to you of one of the several strategies that exist to reduce the times of load, some already we have commented them sometimes, to optimize the codes of the Web, to optimize the images, to program asynchronous loads of the different resources from the Web, etc.



Reasons to improve the time of load

As much for google as for the user it is important to improve the times of load or what is the same to improve the WPO.

For the user it is important logically, because if we have waiting for it more seconds of the account, will leave the page without doubting it, very negative thing for our Web but very very serious if our Web is e-commerce because certainly our sales are affected. The more behind schedule in loading the Web the more usuary they leave the site, in computer the patience is minor who with movable navigation since the mobile users are the more customary to slow connections.

For google a time of great load also has negative impacts, in the first place if your website takes more than 12 seconds to the seeking giant jump the alarms to him and would think that something in your site does not go that well will repel in your position of its searches. And by their position au nque your time of load is smaller to 12 seconds considers it to compare this time of load with the one of your competitors in a search reason why if you want to appear before your riveles agrees to you to load fast.


That is a CDN or Content delivery Network?

It consists of a system that redirige the information of a site and its servant to different parts from the world so that it is sent to him to the user who wants to accede to our Web the information from a location nearer the point from where he is tried to connect. This is very useful for Webs with international traffic but for countries with Spain the information can even be noticed improvements when sending from points next to the user.

Another great advantage is that it acts as €œintelligent€ servant since is able to send the simplified and optmizado content so that the usuary faster loading, that than we commented in a previous article, Javascript, CSS, etc.

On the other hand they parallel the shipment of these data to load several resources simultaneously and to optimize request for information to the servant

Additionally, also usually they optimize the content that they send, minificando (the Css, HTML, Javascript), they also parallel the shipment of data to gain time of load and frisk the content.

In order to finish commenting it gives a contribution from condianza to your site because it gives a certificate you of security of automatic form. There is version free even that stops to notice of faster form and effective we recommended to use the service of payment that can go from some 15‚¬ to the month and leaves very but that very against the account.


If you have any doubt on the matter or you are interested in the incorporation of a CDN you do not doubt in contacting with us. Until the next one!

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