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Published 05-07-2016

Good! today we began a series of articles envelope that is and as Google Adwords works. Each article we will deal with some the interesting subjects on this form to make publicity.

The PPC or payment by click is one of the forms most common to make publicity online. As its name indicates, it consists of paying by each realised click to your announcement that takes to the user to your Web.

Also the CPM exists or cost by thousand impressions that as its name indicates is the cost that has your announcement appears 1000 times in some of the contracted sites.

The American giant every time has been increasing its supply of services related to the publicity in its portal of finders and at the moment it offers multitude of routes to promote Webs, products, brands, etc.

We go with the different options.

Network of searches of Google

Some are created text announcements and they activate by means of key words to appear in the part lateral superior or inferior of the page, they use different criteria as the indicated above keyword, the relevance of the announcement, the quality of landing (the Web of destiny of the announcement) and finally it bids up it that we realised for the different key words.

Network display

The publicity is realised in the Webs of Google and their associates, have beforehand agreed to offer a space of their Web for the announcements of Google so several types can be done of announcements: The graphs, the textual ones, those of average video and rich (announcements with functions outposts. The criteria, in addition to the key words or key words, has different ways to segment our public: subjects of the Webs, compatible hearings, age, sex and locations (when it is wanted to publish in a specific Web).

Adwords video

Youtube allows us to make publicity in the platform as much, as in its network of display since we have mentioned previously, with very similar criteria.

Google shopping

It is the modality destined to promote a product directly, is a service that is in the network search and it activates by means of agreement with the description which we have of the product in himself. The format is very visual, direct and they simultaneously are to several results of form homogenia, doing very easy that the user compares between very similar products of different salesmen.

Publicity in mobile

Concentrating in publicizing in applications and Webs with adapted publicity responsive to each screen.


At the moment we have been able to make a brief introduction than it is Adwords, we followed in some days, Greetings!

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