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Published 22-07-2016

Hello! We follow with articles of adwords, in this occasion we will see thorough the difference between SEO and PPC. The PPC would be within the SEM actions.


We begin seeing that profiles are necessary to develop each action. In the case of the SEO it requires diverse profiles, in the first place technicians with elements of programming to be able to implement certain changes in the codes and structuring of our Web, on the other hand it requires of a profile type Copy who generates the content adapted for the digital strategy selected by the company.

For the PPC we will need somebody formed in the field marketing and the marketing research to deal with segments clients, sale prices, costs, etc. and also a profile of Copy for the content of the announcements that we are going to design. These profiles must have basic slight knowledge on the operation of the surface of announcements of Google, having realised the pertinent courses.



To which it refers the SEO requires more resources than the PPC by the amount of time that the actions of content as the blog require, update of descriptions of products and services and other sections. To others it is difficult to measure the cost of the resources invested by the difficulty in the attribution of the same.



When we do SEO the results cannot be guaranteed since they influence external factors of many types, on the other hand is an action with a return of the long-term investment and whom maintenance requires, it is very necessary east still yet type of action for the natural positioning. We do not know either when it will give to result the SEO in the PPC the results are immediate and is possible to be optimizing, also is possible geographically to control the reach of the campaign.


Up to here we are going to arrive today, next we continued speaking of adwords in this thematic article battery. Greetings!

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