Google Adwords craci³n and structuring of the account

Published 28-07-2016

Good! Today we are going to explain the configuration and structures of an account of Adwords with its campaigns, groups of announcements, announcements and key words.

Creation of the account

In the first place we go to and we give them to €œBegins now€ later we registered ourselves or with our account of gmail or a mail associated to a gmail account and filled up the information that they ask for to us.

Important the data of invoicing, territory, hour zone, currency, etc.

In order to give access to other users different levels exist:

Read only: the data will only be able to be seen.

Standard: To create/to publish campaigns, groups of announcements, announcements and others.

Office staff: To give access to other users, to modify sensible data of account, is the maximum level.


Structuring of the account 

In order to structure an account we must know how the different parts. Concerning account we have the fiscal data, of invoicing, e-mail and other information that we have facilitated when creating it. 

Later we have the campaigns, first it is necessary to put a name to him that is representative and easy to identify, later is necessary to define what type of campaign we are going to create according to the needs that we have, exist these types:

  • Search with selection of Display
  • Only for the Network search
  • Only for the Network of Display
  • Shopping
  • Video

Here also we are going to put the segmentation data that will affect to the person profile who receives our announcement and how: by key words, language and geographic location, devices and lists of remarketing.

When we have a campaign is necessary to create the announcement groups, they must respond to thematic each for its greater effectiveness with some similar key words

Finally for each group of announcements we must make its announcements and assign some key words in agreement with the searches that are going to realise the users objectives.

Also important subject of key words negative, that will have its article to part because it has much crumb, until the next one!

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