To connect adwords with analytics

Published 01-08-2016


In this occasion we bring a small guide to you to connect adwords with google analytics, we hoped that she is to you of help.

To connect our account of adwords with analytics is vital to control of precise form the conversions and other information of value coming from analytics.

Previous considerations

In the first place we needed to have edition permissions in the account of analytics, it we will be able to inside verify in the section administrator and to the management of users.

On the other hand in the account of adwords we must have administrator access to realise the connection.

To connect AdWords and Google Analytics

In the first place we initiated session in adwords and we go to the icon with form of gear wheel, clicamos in €œconnected accounts€. We will see a called section €œGoogle Analytics€, there, in €œseeing details€ we will see a list of the accounts of analytics to which we have access. Next clicamos in forming connection and we do the relation between adwords and analytics of the same Web.

In order to finalize the process if the property of analytics has a single seen of the account we selected €œto matter metric of the site€ to see the data of analytics in information of adwords.

In case of having several seen we can form two options, connect to have available the data of adwords in analytics and the option to concern the metric ones of the site for a single seen.

In order to finish we click in keeping.

We can repeat this process for all the accounts that we wished to connect.

For more information podeis to consult the connection of the support of google that we have utlizado to write up this article.

Until the next one!

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