The first campaign in adwords

Published 19-08-2016

In this new entrance we are going to see as home with a new campaign in Google Adwords.


Objectives of my company

In the first place we must be very conscious of how is our company, that products or services we realised and what is the objective with which we are going to work in adwords, for example for augmentar the sales of our Web, to improve the image of our brand, to create a data base of potential clients, etc. On the other hand also is very important to know to that public we are going away to direct and as we are going it to segment by geographic zone, language, I interest, visited pages

Type of network

The following step is to decide in that network we are going to realise the campaign, the two main ones are the network search where we appear in the results of the finder of Google and the other is the network display where we appear in a network websites that are partners of Google. They also exist the video network, of shopping or the campaigns for applications but at the moment we will begin by the basic thing.

For an objective of the type to improve the image of the brand or to send a concrete message or to even do remarketing the most suitable network would be the one of display. For some objectives more oriented to sell or to manage some type of concrete action of the user in our Web type to complete a form, to realise a registry, etc. 

The following step is to give a name to the campaign which must be easy to locate and to identify and so it is going to be that campaign.


Soon we must give a geographic direction him, I recommend to segment by Spain and also to add the different autonomous regions because of this form when analyzing the results we will be able to see them by autonomous regions and to use these data for future more specific campaigns.

Another subject is the segmentation by devices we can play with a percentage of direction mobiles in case it does not interest to appear to us in the users whom they look for through mobile.

Later we will define the budget of the campaign where following the strategy of it bids up will distribute of a way or a other based on the newspaper that we have marked.

Finally we can add certain extensions as the location, the telephone of contact, social networks, connections of your site, etc.

We already have the first campaign, now only we must hecer the pursuit and optimize it as far as possible.


We see ourselves in the next publication, a greeting

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