To optimize a campaign of adwords (part 1)

Published 07-09-2016

Hello! Today finally we are going to see as we can optimize an active campaign of Adwords in the network search. It is important to optimize the campaigns to reduce expenses, to arrive better at our objectives and power to compete with the other advertisers who bid up by our same words.


Google proposes three ways to us to optimize these campaigns we are going to see them one one:

To fit bids up it manually

Most common it is to begin a campaign of Google Adwords with a strategy of bids up automatic, is a form simple to administer the cost of the clicks.

After a time to analyze the evolution of the campaign we can be given account of which certain words are more profitable and it interests to us to increase bids up it in that one word of form manual.

For this point there are two basic strategies to follow to optimize the campaign, in the first place we can orient the strategy to show the announcements front page and in a high position, consequently will have to calibrate if it is necessary to improve bids up it present.

On the other hand we can fit you bid up them according to the different positives, locations and hours of the day, for example, in one of my campaigns I have detected that Fridays of 17h to 20h turn better a keyword, to optimize what I am going to do is to establish a maximum ascent of % of CPC so that it bids up more fort and it secures more conversions.

To choose the key words that arrive at the qualified buyers

To analyze the key words helps us to arrive at the best potential clients, for it we can:

Key words related to the product as the name, the model, etc.

to know the process search and buys, for example if we know that when wants to buy they put €œto buy t-shirt€, then we will put it as keyword.

To put negative key words, for example if the name of our product agrees with a music group we will add to the words concert, songs, entrances to the list of refusals.

Finally we must use the suitable type of agreement, for example the ample one allows us to catch an ample interval of consultations. The exact agreement is more precise but it will be necessary to watch of not reducing to much the volume of impressions generated.

Up to here this first part, in brief we will publish second. Greetings!

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