To optimize a campaign of adwords (part 2)

Published 22-09-2016

Good! We return with the optimization of the campaign.

Once we have optimized the campaigns of adwords to arrive better at our objective public we are going to optimize it so that the announcements attract those potential buyers:

To emphasize on the competition

We can use the tool of previous view and diagnosis of announcements for a search in particular and this form we see if the text and the format are adapted for the pick up of clients

To emphasize the advantage to the client

To show that added value we offer to him so that then I could decide to give click in the announcement to inquire or buys in our Web.

To be simple and specific

There is available a limited number of characters for texts reason why we must use one or two arguments, must be most excellent to take advantage of the announcement to the maximum.

The destiny page

To have a specific page of destiny so it is announcing is much more excellent for the potential clients, at the most next is the content of this with the search that was being realised, better.

To publish seasonal announcements

To adapt the communication and strategy of sale at the moment that we were is going to allow to take advantage of very interesting precise moments for the sale as it can be San Valentin, the return to the school, etc.

To use initial capital letter

At statistical level the announcements receive more click than they begin in capital letters, to write well denotes seriousness and knowledge.

To use extensions of announcement 

To use extensions of announcements allows to show more excellent information the users and therefore to catch plus its attention to obtain the click.

Good, more forms of optimization of the announcements Exist but at the moment with these advice already there is much work. 

Until the next one!

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