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Published 30-09-2016

Good! Today we will see a little more thoroughly the subject of the types of agreements of keywords.

The agreement of the key words that we used in adwords is a very important element because it will determine in that cases is to our announcement and in that cases. This can even influence in the budget (it could diparar it) and the sales, since we could be appearing in searches without no relation with our business.

We are going to see each type of agreement and as we applied it: 



It is the agreement that Google applies when they do not appear the symbols "", [] or +.

Google looks for synonymous, plural, changes of sort, related searches and other excellent words in any order.

It in the short and mid term generates value information about other possible segmentations, ideas for campaigns, groups of announcements and negative key words.

For example if we put as key Word: Shoes for men, we could appear in searches as: footwear to dress man, masculine boots for men, sneakers, etc.


Of phrase

It is used putting a symbol + in front of the keyword.

Google makes appear the announcements in our keyword in plural, changes of I generate, related searches and other excellent key words in any order.

Equipment in the mid term to have a good approach of key words without turning aside itself much of the key words objective.

In the long run it agrees to maintain them in smaller campaigns with CPC's.

For example, the keyword: +zapatos + gentleman, would appear in searches as cheap shoes for men, brown shoes gentleman, photos of gentlemen of century XV and their shoes.


Ample modified

He is used closing the key words with the double quotation marks.

Google presents our announcement when it contains that phrase or slight variations, being able to contain text ahead ahead and/or behind.

What goes in inverted commas always will show the announcement if goes together and in the same order.

For example, the word calve: €œshoes for men€, it would appear in searches as: store of shoes of gentlemen, outlet shoes of gentlemen name brand, to find shoes for men in Madrid.


It is used in brackets closing the key words.

Google only shows the announcements in searches in which it agrees exactly with our keyword.

Concerning campaign a configuration exists that allows to adapt in small errors of the exact searches.


We hope that you it has been of utility. Until the next one!

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