What is does LinkedIn and why serve?

Published 08-11-2016

In this article we will see that it is LinkedIn, in that difference of other social networks and as can as much be a good tool for professionals as for companies.


What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a professional social network by definition, nowadays we have many social networks and in all the professional world is practically present, by its position, where there is public are brands that want to be to communicate and to achieve very diverse objectives: Facebook, to twitter, instagram, etc.

Generally, the main objectives of the companies in the social networks are to reinforce their image name brand, to develop new routes of business, to take the pulse to the market, to communicate better to a concrete segment of population and many objectives more, some even use them as a sale channel more.

In the tactical mission of LinkedIn we must have present that moves in a professional atmosphere and it is used basically as tool of networking, and the main objectives are to know companies related to our activity search collaborations, clients, suppliers, as etc., employment agency.

Why I have to be in LinkedIn?

A priori it can seem that we did not need to be in LinkedIn, that we are not going to remove any yield to him but to be present in LinkedIn can give much us:

Visibility, credibility, image of professionalism, synergies, pick up of personnel, search of work, positioning of the brand, contacts of possible clients, etc.

It has more than 433 million users in the world, more than 8 million in Spain. Something excellent is that 80% of their members have power of decision in their uses as CEOs, managers, directors of human resources, commercial directors of marketing, directors, etc.

Really, LinkedIn is a great network of networking with a great commercial spirit.

In the next article we will see as formulating a strategic plan for LinkedIn that will give the bases us to be able to work in this social network. Until the next one!

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