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Published 21-12-2017

NonStop-Press we are an agency of development, design and marketing located in Terrassa that was born more than 7 years ago designing Webs and we followed with the aim of to size providing to all type of clients the solution still who we have been extending the services to increase the satisfaction of our clients.


In spite of our DNA of design Web Terrassa we offer our services to companies from Sabadell, Sant Cugat, happening through Barcelona and getting to have international clients.

The reason is simple: quality, commitment, transparency and the capacity to give to a solution on watch 360º.

A service 360º 

One is our capacity to provide a global solution to the different needs from each project based on 3 areas of specialization:

The design of webpages, applications and UX 

We have in the development of Webs of all type: basic Webs, corporative Webs, stores online, Webs to size, etc. With several languages, multiple sections and mainly with the functionalities that each project requires in particular.

It is the service with which this company was born, at the moment with the importance that has taken the mobile for navigation is important to consider the first design for these devices in order to satisfy the characteristics as a smaller screen, the speed of load, the megas of weight of the Web, the behavior of the user and the usability. All this in order that the user who sails with the mobile by our Web does it of comfortable form and can complete the registries, forms or purchases that our client requires.

Graphical design, branding and UI 

We design the best face for your company with our department of graphical design and communication. We will be in charge to design the corporative image of your company, happening through nameing, the logo, the visual system until branding complete for your project, without problems. Also we can design interficies appointed any type of user.

Nowadays branding is an extended practice since every time the companies need to generally have a greater control of the perception of their brand by their potential clients and the public, we we are going to provide a solution to you to your measurement.

Digital marketing and traditional marketing 

We devise, we created and we start up the marketing campaigns that you need to achieve your objectives: to give you to know, to catch clients, fidelizar or directly to sell your product.

We can do of many ways as much online as offline. We have ample experience in the development of campaigns for means of impression as newspapers, magazines, urban furniture, flyers for the door-to-door, carteler­a, etc.

In the scope online we controlled the more important social networks where we will be able to manage your profiles applying a defined strategy to achieve the established objectives, as well as the accomplishment of publicity for example on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

We are some of few Google official partners credited by google for the management of campaigns in Google Adwords to make announcements in the finder and other sites as youtube, in addition we have an ample experience. On the other hand, also we realised services of SEO for the natural positioning in Google.

We hoped to know you soon!

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